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Network monitoring

Switchboards are one of the key parts in the mechatronic systems designed by Teknidrive. To make an analogy with the human body, we can say that Teknidrive creates an entire brain for the machines.
It is a complex control mechanism that activates the machine, propelling the synchronized movement of each part. Thanks to these switchboards, the machines incorporate a control center that is capable of automating and coordinating all their functions.

Types of switchboards:

The different types of switchboards are determined while considering the design established by the company's staff. Engineers and technicians work together in order to adapt the technology to each client's requirements. The client, in turn, actively participates in the process by establishing the master guides for design and collaborating with Teknidrive in obtaining the most competitive product in the sector.

The result? An exclusive design created by a mixed team that blends a high level of training and Teknidrive's latest technology to perfection with our client's objectives.
  The tracking algorithm

The sun's path is calculated according to the geographic coordinates for each tracker: latitude, longitude and height above sea level.

The PLC performs the calculations based on trigonometric equations for astronomical paths in order to determine the topocentric orientation that the tracker must maintain at all times, in order to keep the panels perpendicular to the solar rays.

Using the most commonly recognized industrial protocols on the market (profibus, modbus, ethernet, etc.), we reach a high level of information control (production, alarms and events).

This information is transmitted to the different clients by web pages and servers or to service technicians by e-mail or sms.
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