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For years, the origins of Teknidrive have been linked to the world of the automobile. Over time, progress and technological development have lead us to search for increasingly more creative solutions.

The ingenuity and high level of training that characterize our staff of engineers and technicians have made us a leading company in the field of mechatronic equipment integration.

Nowadays, the 50 employees who work in the 4,000 meter installations are the driving force behind Teknidrive, surpassing market expectations and defining the trends in the construction and renewable energy sector.

The main commitment and the greatest competitive advantage that Teknidrive has is the manufacture of parts under the most stringent quality standards.
These parameters have been clearly defined in order to guarantee optimal coverage of our clients' most stringent demands.

The company’s offerings also include complementary assembly and maintenance services though our own Teknidrive Service and collaborative agreements with the Siemens company.

Based on a philosophy of international expansion and backed by our years of success, Teknidrive is committed to expanding beyond its borders. The Tarazona and Irún plants in Spain serve as a guide for the company’s new bid for the future in the Italian city of Milan.

With an important presence in these two countries, Teknidrive intends to establish itself as a leading company on the European market.
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