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The activity performed by our employees is Teknidrive’s most valuable asset. The company is characterized by its staff of engineers, technicians and specialists, who are renowned in the field of mechatronic systems.

However, the company does not consider training and state-of-the-art technology an end in itself, rather a means that makes it possible to develop the latest applications created by our employees.

For this reason, Teknidrive intends, first of all, to create the best working environment possible, based on effective communication among the different work groups. The result is a creative space in which employees may invest their entire potential in each and every task they are given.

In this manner, coordination enhances a continuous flow of communication that allows us to integrate each person in the objectives and philosophy that form an essential part of Teknidrive’s business project. It’s a matter of making them participants in the company’s success in such competitive sectors as renewable energy and construction.

The result is a cohesive, solid staff who work with great motivation in order to further the development of the production systems.
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